‘Sister’ project

MIO-ECSDE is closely working together with MES, who is implementing a ‘sister’ project aiming to showcase how NGOs can implement sustainable water resources and biodiversity conservation projects on the ground. The activities of the Jablanica Mountain demo project entitled “Water for lakes, bogs, streams and people on Jablanica Mountain”,  focus on increasing knowledge about the status and trends of the area’s biodiversity components (habitats and species) and demonstrating best practices related to integrated water resources management and freshwater biodiversity conservation, while developing a joint vision for their sustainable management.

The Jablanica Mountain plays an important role in the water flow regime of the Black Drin River (Crn Drim River), through its streams, bogs, lakes (Podgorecko Lake, Labunisko Lake) and its glaciers. The area is characterized by a wealth of endemic and/or endangered species and it has been identified as a potential National Park area, within the Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan of FYR Macedonia (2004).

The main lines of activity of the demo project include the following:

  • Carrying out an assessment of the status, load and determined favourable conservation status of the priority water ecosystems in Jablanica Mountain;
  • Development of an inventory of the most important and most threatened species in the region;
  • Mapping the most important threats affecting species and habitats;
  • Elaborating a set recommendations and guidelines with the most important conservation interventions needed;
  • Conducting an assessment on the sustainability of timber extraction from the stream watershed below the glacial lakes and bogs and preparing guidelines for sustainable forests management considering the role of forests in the water flow regime of the area.
For more info: Ivana Lozanovska, Project Leader, lozanovska@mes.org.mk