Act4Drin at a glance

Living well in harmony with the Drin is a CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) funded project aiming at raising public awareness, enhancing knowledge and empowering NGOs to protect and conserve freshwater ecosystems in the Drin River Basin.

The project’s activities are built around and upon a two-fold approach. On the one hand, activities seek to empower local and national NGOs in effectively and meaningfully promoting Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) with a special focus on the protection, conservation and restoration of freshwater ecosystems in the Drin River Basin. On the other, considerable emphasis is given to expanding people’s awareness, especially of youth, on the intrinsic values of freshwater habitats and species of the region and to promoting concrete, comprehensive and continuous actions towards safeguarding the biodiversity of the Drin River Basin and its invaluable ecosystem services.

Main lines of activity:

  • Raising the awareness of local communities and the wider public on the importance of the Drin River Basin and its freshwater ecosystems.
  • Building the capacities of local/national NGOs to promote IWRM and freshwater biodiversity conservation in transboundary settings.
  • Enhancing coordination, cooperation and networking of local/national NGOs working in the Drin River Basin and catalyzing their effective involvement in the ‘Drin Dialogue’ process and/or other relevant projects/processes.

A ‘sister’ CEPF-funded project entitled “Water for lakes, bogs, streams and people on Jablanica Mountain” complements the "Living well in harmony with the Drin (Act4Drin)" project serving as a concrete example to showcase how NGOs can implement sustainable water resources and biodiversity conservation projects on the ground. (Read more here).

Project facts:

Project Duration: March 2014 – May 2016
Project budget: 200.000 US$
Project areas: Albania – Drini Delta; Lake Ohrid and surrounding area; FYROM – Ohrid Lake; Montenegro- Bojana Delta
For more info: Thomais Vlachogianni, Project Leader,