The ActDrin travelogue

The Act4Drin documentary “Living well in harmony with the Drin”  together with the “Echoes from the Drin” short films triplet (Whispers of Water, Reflections of Life, Impressions of Humans), are among the key vehicles of the Act4Drin project to enhance public awareness on the vital benefits that watershed bodies provide. The aim is to spur individuals into making the necessary changes and taking the needed actions to create the “political will” for governments to act.

The Act4Drin documentary immerses us in a fact-filled yet emotional travelogue along the Drin River Basin, the connecting body of five Riparian countries. It captures the outstanding wealth of habitats and species and highlights the crucial role of local communities in protecting and conserving this biodiversity hotspot.

This documentary brings forward the core message of the Act4Drin which is all about “Living in harmony with the Drin”. The Drin River Basin is full of life, housing an exceptional wealth of biodiversity, providing important habitats for many species of fauna and flora, while delivering a steady stream of benefits to its residents. Whether we consciously realize it or not, freshwater ecosystems together with every bit of biodiversity they support and the ecosystem services they provide, are intimately interwoven with our ‘harmonious’ existence and welfare.

You can enjoy the Act4Drin travelogue at the following link: