Unique Act4Drin Spring School call launched!

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

Applications are now being taken for the Act4Drin Spring School 2016 to be held from 7-15 May 2016, which will focus on the natural wealth and legacy of the Drin River Basin: from field observations and knowledge to collective actions towards protecting freshwater ecosystems.

Students participating in the 9-day Act4Drin Spring School will learn about the fundamental importance of the Drin River Basin for the region’s ecosystems, livelihoods and overall well-being. Through coursework, field visits and field research, students will focus on biodiversity protection and conservation, environmental ethics and sustainable development.

More specifically, students will study the interface between livelihoods and good environmental status; assess freshwater biodiversity and ecological functions; gain an enhanced understanding of the use and governance of natural resources.

Through an interactive and collaborative experience the significance of biodiversity in fostering collective awareness and strengthened social, economic and spiritual well-being will be highlighted. Students will acquire knowledge, improve their critical thinking and renew their motivation to become actively involved in their local communities and national policy processes for the preservation of our natural heritage. Most importantly, they will go beyond ‘just learning’ and will be ‘immersed’ in nature, experiencing thus the sense of inner harmony that only nature offers to humans.

In a joint quest for knowledge and through a dynamic and holistic learning process, students will experience sharing common values for a better future, such as mutual respect and respect for nature, multiculturalism, solidarity, democracy, social responsibility and sustainable development.

Students will visit key conservation sites along the Drin Basin and explore the Drin’s natural wealth and legacy; the key threats and pressures imposed such as unsustainable use of water resources; intensive agriculture & forestry; uncontrolled and often illegal fishing and hunting; mining; urban development and unsustainable tourism; extensive solid waste & marine litter issues; uncertainties and risks due to increasing climate variability.

Who should apply?

The Act4Drin Spring School is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students of ecology, biology, environmental chemistry, environmental studies, geography studying at universities in Albania, Montenegro and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. One student from Greece and one from Kosovo will also be able to join.

When to apply?

The deadline for submission is 15 April 2016. Early submissions are encouraged.

Herewith you can find attached the call and the application form.

For more info contact: Thomais Vlachogianni, MIO-ECSDE Programme Officer & Act4Drin Leader, vlachogianni(at)mio-ecsde.org